Mommy, Can I Get?; Family friendly Network and Informational Systems

When you have younger kids, and you want to know what they are doing on the web, you have to set the right protection settings, in order to know what they are viewing, and what they are doing on the web at all times. So, although you can allow your kids to use the internet, and allow them to visit their favorite sites, you are also going to want to install the best privacy settings, so that you know, at all times, what your kids are doing on the internet. Since there are so many sites that they should not be visiting, and there are many sites that they are too young to see, you have to set the right privacy settings to ensure that they are not visiting these sites. Companies do not set a privacy setting on their sites, and for this reason anyone can get on the sites, and can view what they want to view. So, as a parent, although you should allow your kids to get online and use the web, you also have to make sure that you find the best privacy settings, and make sure to set them, so your kids are not on the wrong sites.

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